Allt is a freelance photographer & designer based in Ghent, Belgium.
His work, in which passion and devotion are to be found, not only reflects a profound love of photography, but a visual minimalist imagery of forms, shades, materials and most importantly a story. Through skillfully set scenes, playing with light and shadow, an eye for the unusual, and meticulous retouching, a visually appealing image is created. His potential in graphic design is reflected in his conceptual and aesthetic approach.
His dedication is to unfold what the architect, interior or product designer truly envisioned, within a new and refreshing style of capturing images. Bringing to life what a project was created to be, and casting it in an everlasting frame.
Clients include
Callebaut Architecten
Pieter Schoolaert
Edge Design Studio
AW Rugs
ARPA Architecten
Ad Random
Studio Pien
Atelier S&T
Publications include
The Art Of Living 
Enki Magazine
VILLA'S Magazine
Weekend Knack
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